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With a half-dozen women, she rotated between sprints and burpees. Sweating onto the pavement, the group was perched atop an overlook called Trophy Point, in the shadow of a foot battle monument memorializing those killed in the Civil War. It was also the first time she had been back to campus sincewhen she achieved her own kind of unwanted fame. Yes, this is Sex Dating Broadwell Paula Broadwell, the mentee-turned-biographer of David H. Petraeus; the West Point graduate and military intelligence officer who was revealed, through a high-profile F.

Petraeus, a former C. As far as infidelity scandals go, this one had everything. He, with a Ph. Petraeus declined to comment for this article. Investigators later learned they were sent by Ms. Broadwell under a pseudonym. Broadwell, now 43, declined to comment on the s, other than to say that she regretted sending them; Ms.

Kelley said the two have never spoken directly. The downfall was swift: Mr. For two months, he remained home in isolation — reading, communicating with friends and pedaling on his exercise bike.

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Petraeus as saying. Broadwell was never charged. Nearly four years later, Mr. Petraeus is now a partner in a New York private equity firmand has advised the White House on the war against the Islamic State. He publishes op-ed articles, speaks publicly and has affiliations with three universities, including Harvard. He was recently listed among five former military leaders suggested by a Washington Post columnist whom Republicans might have considered drafting for president.

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Broadwell wrote her biography of Mr. Broadwell has struggled to find her footing. For weeks, reporters camped outside her home in Charlotte, N. Friends sent over groceries and hot meals for her family — her husband, Scott, and sons, 8 and 10 — and staged interference so Ms. She lost her military security clearance; her promotion from major to lieutenant colonel was revoked when the news broke. The F. She said she was told in more than one job interview that, while she was qualified, hiring her would be a public-relations nightmare.

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Four years on, her name still pops up in the news with regularity. She tracks these references with precision. Every time there is a new development — a legal update, Mr. But for her — not as decorated, not as public, but still accomplished in her own right — it has become a lasting stain. Broadwell said. But how long does a person pay for their mistake? That seems to be the question of the moment, in an age when one mistake can permanently cement your reputation. But the shame of the mistress is a particular category.

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Petraeus and Ms. Broadwell and once sat down with Ms. Broadwell to offer professional advice. In the aftermath, he reached out to both by to offer sympathy and support. Broadwell was not exactly an entirely private figure before, of course; it was just that what she was known for publicly was him. And so her fall seemed to elicit a particular brand of female schadenfreude: She seemed a little too eager, a little too ambitious, a little too self-promoting, enjoying the attention just a little too much.

Yes, she would challenge Jon Stewart to a push-up competition — to raise money for wounded veterans — and win. She could also run a six-minute mile. Fulton, who did not know Ms. Broadwell at the time but reached out after the affair became public to offer her support.

To journalists, she was the woman who — Sex Dating Broadwell any journalistic experience — had persuaded the highest commander in the land to give her unusual access and then abused it. And then there was the infidelity, a crime for active duty officers for a reason.

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Fulton said. When he reed, the president offered his prayers for the general and his wife ; the Petraeus family, friends Sex Dating Broadwell in the news media, would get through this. And then there was the — in hindsight — unfortunate title of Ms. There were rape and death threats, one sent in a handwritten letter to her home. She was sitting on the couch in her living room in Charlotte while her children were at school. The first year was hell, she said.

She and her husband, a radiologist with whom she is still together, went into counseling. She went into therapy. Would she be tried for conspiracy to commit espionage? For cyberstalking? For something else? She was often reading about her legal status in the news.

Petraeus had many defenders — and a four-decade career of service to stand on. Broadwell did not. She said she never heard from her best friend — a crime agent with the F. There was the emotional toll of the abrupt severing of an intensely personal relationship.

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But there was also the professional one: her career tangled up with this man with whom she was once in love, her advocates, his allies. Petraeus had been helping her with her Ph. His unit was one of the case studies. And then this happened, and just, nobody helped her up.

Military scandal widens

It was hard to reconcile so many people being sort of gleeful in it. In March, Ms. Kelley, the Florida woman caught up in the Petraeus soap opera, self-published a book in which she printed dozens of her exchanges with the general, as well as s sent by Ms. The book landed Ms. Broadwell was on a camping trip with her family in the mountains. She had spotty cellphone service but drove back down to call her lawyers. A few days later, she was still nervously checking the Google alerts on her phone. These days, her coping mechanism is to stay busy. She volunteers for a group that provides safe houses for human trafficking victims, another that helps veterans rehabilitate.

She drops off her sons at the bus stop each day, then goes for a morning run.

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She continues to push for women in combat, and is active in a group called West Point Women, which planned the event at her alma mater. She is emotional when she speaks about the Charlotte community that embraced her family. Should she fight to restore her military status, or simply move on?

So the whole redemption thing? My fabric is to fight back. With a friend, Kyleanne Hunter — a former Marine attack helicopter pilot — she has founded a nonprofit, Think Broaderfocused on combating gender bias in Sex Dating Broadwell news media. She recently presented on the topic to a roomful of editors at The Huffington Post, as well as to a team at Yahoo and the United Nations. It has appeared just several times in Her hometown newspaper, The Charlotte Observer, said it would work to retire the term, opting instead to call Ms. Broadwell and Mr.

The campaign can feel a little like putting out brush fires, Ms. So if I can change things for the better because of it, then why not?

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