Seeking for a decent man

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Each day, it seems like a good man is getting even harder to find. The truth is that there are decent men and great guys out there — at least, statistically so. Whether they try to do it or not, many women end up self-sabotaging when it comes to finding a nice guy to date. There's a difference between having reasonable deal-breakers and writing a nice guy off because you're scared to get too close. Desperation is not sexy, sweetie. I totally understand wanting a man with all your heart and feeling rejected. But actually getting aggressive in your pursuit of one never works, except when it comes to attracting users and abusers.

Tone it down a notch! The best way to find a decent man is by setting your standards high enough so you don't get walked all over, but not so high that they're unrealistic.

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In fact, a third of all men on those sites are already in relationships. However, it is true that some people have been very lucky to find good men on dating apps, so don't discount them completely!

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Birds of a feather tend to flock together, so you might need to change your scene if you want to get a decent partner. Believe it or not, men can pick up on bad vibes, too, and it makes them just as uncomfortable as it makes you. So if you believe there are only 'bad men' out there, that is what you will attract," Whitman explains.

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The thing is that men who are worth your time will never want to accept a bribe for a date. Doing this only attracts the worst men and scares good men away. It is difficult for women to find a good man or Mr. Right, typically, because they refuse to put themselves out there.

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Guys get nervous! Ask them out and you might be surprised at how many of the shy ones will be great guys to date. A huge portion of dating involves having enough social skills to get along with people, present the right image, and also just talk to people effectively.

A lot of the mistakes and issues that keep good women single all boil down to self-awareness and social skills. Thankfully, there are ways to improve these things and that can help you meet the man of your dreams. Everyone has something they can improve. I have my flabby stomach and caustic attitude towards men, but others might have smaller issues.

The better you look, act, and feel, the more attractive you are.

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The more attractive you are, the more likely it is that decent men will want you. You never know what might happen. Stop asking yourself, "why can't I find a partner" and "why is it so hard to find a good man" and do something about it!

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Seeking for a decent man

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