Just need someone to listen to me

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People often tend to listen to others to reply and not to understand. Listening effectively is as important a skill as speaking effectively, in fact, they are interdependent. You cannot separate one from the other. There are several communication mistakes you can make while speaking, that make people shut their ears and brains off to you. This often le to you deviating from the topic at hand or going into several directions at once, making it difficult for the listener to follow. This lack of a clear direction can make the listener disinterested in what you have to say.

I mean would you be interested in listening to someone who just goes around in circles without a point? The best way to make sure your speech stays on track is to prepare it beforehand. Most people suggest that you outline your speechin order to not miss out on any important elements and stay on track.

Just the way an artist would start by making an outline of their sketch, a speaker should start by creating an outline of the main points, sub-points, examples, etc. Communication is more than just saying words. To combat clarity of thoughts, get into the habit of making notes. This will help you evaluate your arguments and understand them better.

And to work on the clarity of your speech delivery, try using simple language instead of puffing up your arguments with jargon and complexities. Also, work on your pace, accent, pronunciation, and diction. It takes time to develop confidence in public speaking and presentations. Start by making sure that you speak clearly, loudly, and within your expertise. Effective communication is only possible if all parties involved feel involved, hence, when you only speak for yourself, it can lead to fading interest as well as reduced attention.

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This can be remedied by making your discussions interactive and not authoritative. Body language includes your posture, your facial expressions, and your hand gesturesand can hugely impact whether someone listens to you or not. On one hand, if used properly, it can add strength to your verbal message and improve it manifold. On the other hand, if you lack energy, have a stiff posture, and are expressionless, it can make the listener disinterested and possibly bored.

People like getting attention, hence, you need to give it to them.

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You can improve your patience by making sure that you let the other person finish their point before you start yours. So listen and then you can express yourself in response. I think about it differently. Would you be open to hearing an alternative viewpoint?

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I appreciate it. These were just a few mistakes that can make your speeches unheard but you can always change that. Now you know how to make people listen to you, right? If you want to know what types of public speaking careers are out there, check this out! Prageet Goel October 5, Spread the love. Contents hide. You ramble and lack direction.

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You lack clarity. You lack confidence.

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You only speak for yourself. Tagged in: public speakingthe art of public speakingwhy no one listens. Public Speaking Careers.

Just need someone to listen to me

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