Experiment volunteers needed

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Volunteers Needed!

Staff intranet. Type to search. All content. We can't do research without your help.

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If you'd like to get involved, there are many studies looking for volunteers. The effect of mood on inhibition. Perception of facial reflections by patients with facial nerve paralysis. Financial skills in older adults. An open label study of Agomelatine in adults with major depressive disorder. VR and stress at work. Using light therapy to treat sleep disorders.

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Financial skills in older adults The effect of mood on inhibition CogNet: Developing and evaluating an online Healthy Brain Ageing psychoeducation and cognitive training intervention for older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment ADDAPT: A decision-making support tool to help people with depression and risky alcohol use decide on psychological treatment Biology of Agomelatine: an open-label study of Agomelatine in adults with Major Depressive Disorder How we measure cognitive flexibility for eating disorder research Treating substance use and traumatic stress Evaluating information resources for depression treatment options.

Study into oxytocin use in preschoolers with autism Psychology research participants needed The effects of medicinal cannabinoids on driving Effect of cannabidiol on simulated car driving Differences in perceptions of social media COVID and wellbeing in Australians Australian lifestyle, personality and social values Involvement of dietitians in eating disorder treatment How individuals cope during COVID New treatments for alcohol withdrawal Personality traits and skills developed through psychotherapy Menopause and heat stress at work Reading keeps your brain young The effects of Experiment volunteers needed apraxia of speech on adults How does online learning in VR affect memory?

An exercise approach to managing Type 2 Diabetes Assessing food security status among university students in Australia: a pilot study Dietary patterns in international students Improve glycaemic control and weight management in patients with Type II diabetes Intervention for teens on eating and wellbeing Study of meat-alternatives on cardiovascular health and nutrition Treating obesity complicated by sleep apnoea.

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Evaluating a standard patient fact sheet Young people who have a parent with cancer. Companion dog and human wellbeing study Effect of dietary pattern on sleep Insomnia Symptoms Study Sleep quality and menopause Testing light therapy of changing wavelength in adults suffering from sleep disorders to improve sleep quality, day time alertness, sleep wake patterns, mood and cognition.

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Treatment for people with chronic insomnia. Learning, experience and satisfaction. Need volunteers? Advertise on this. Finished recruiting? to amend your ad.

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Experiment volunteers needed

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