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The Original Gourmet Food Tour of Athens gives a great introduction to the city, its history, layout, and food scene. One of the most important Athens fun guy looking sites in Greece, this ancient hilltop citadel houses the remains of several temples, including the Parthenon. The Acropolis was inhabited from the 4th millennium B. The Acropolis site includes the Parthenon a temple of Athena, goddess of wisdom, civilization, and warTemple of Athena Nike a temple to Athena, triumphant in warthe Erechtheion temple of Athena and Poseidon — god of the sea, earthquakes, and horsesand more.

I strongly recommend doing a guided tour Athens fun guy looking the Acropolis. Guides will have skip-the-line tickets and lines can often be two hours long. This relatively new museum is a highlight of a visit to Athens. If you have 5 hours or less in Athens then visit the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Doing a guided tour of both the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum is a great way to save time as tour guides will have skip-the-line tickets to both attractions.

You can also buy skip the line tickets for the Acropolis Museum separately. The single best museum in Greece, loaded with archaeological treasures. If you have only one day in Athens you might be forced to miss this. If you have 2 days or more then make an effort to get here. The experience is dramatically enhanced if you get a private tour guide to explain all the history and top exhibits. Agora means marketplace in Greek, and there are two archaeological sites in Athens that house the remains and artifacts of these communal gathering spaces.

The Ancient Agora lies between Monastiraki and the base of the Acropolis. It is easy to make out the ancient streets and squares that were once the haunting ground of Socrates and Plato. This sprawling area includes sites such as the Temple of Hephaestus shown abovethe Stoa of Attalos which houses a small, but interesting, museumand the Byzantine Church of the Holy Apostles. It has an impressive entrance the Gate of Athena Archegetisbut not as much going on as in the Ancient Agora. The most famous structure in the Roman Agora is the eight-sided, marble Tower of the Winds: combination weather vane, water clock, and sundial, built by a Macedonian astronomer at the end of the 1st century BC.

The Roman Agora lies on the border between the Monastiraki and Plaka neighborhoods of central Athens. Every hour on the hour, there is a changing of the guard at the Hellenic Parliament building on Syntagma Square. The guards, known as Evzones, stand stock-still before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier until the ritual begins: a slow-motion dance of precision and strength. Usually, the practice involves two guards who are wearing a more understated version of the traditional uniform in khaki, black, and white shown above.

On Sunday mornings at 11am, however, visitors can expect to see many more guards and a more elaborate ritual, with Evzones dressed in the more traditional and colorful uniforms that are reserved for special occasions. Interesting fact: the kilt of the Evzone uniform has exactly pleats; one for each year of Turkish occupation. It is free to watch the ceremony; arrive early on Sundays to secure a good view. Take a picnic, let the kids run around, or relax in the shade for a bit. In addition to the greenery, there are also some ancient ruins, Corinthian columns, and mosaics on site. The Temple of Olympian Zeus dates back to the 6th century BC; it once featured over meter columns and was filled with statues of gods and emperors, but after centuries of damage, only 15 columns remain standing.

The well-preserved marble Arch of Hadrian A. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is included on the combination ticket of Athens archaeological sites. A wonderful and lively slice of modern Athens. The adjacent side streets are lined with shops of all kinds. The excellent Original Gourmet Food Tour of Athens stops here and explains the markets origins and history.

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Established inthis well-curated collection of Greek artwork ranging from ancient to modern is set in the neoclassical family mansion of Antonis Benaki, who also donated over 35, pieces of his own art collection. Located in central Athens near Syntagma Square, across the street from the Parliament building and the National Garden. Closed Tuesdays. The oldest of its kind in Greece, the National Historical Museum in Athens was founded inand has found its permanent home in the building that housed the Greek Parliament from to Items on display include weapons, personal belongings and memorabilia from historical personalities such as Lord Byron, historical paintings by Greek and foreign artists, authentic manuscripts, and a large collection of traditional Greek costumes and jewelry from various regions of Greece.

Located one block northwest of Syntagma Square. Watch a movie in Plaka under the lights of the Acropolis at Cine Paris rooftop outdoor theater. Films are typically American in english with Greek subtitles. Beer, wine, and light snacks are available. This is a highlight of summer in Greece. Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in A. Also known as Kallimarmaro, this stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games and was built on the site of the original stadium for the Panathenaic Games BCwhich were held every 4 years in honor Athens fun guy looking the goddess Athena.

It is the only stadium in the world built entirely out of marble. The stadium continues to hold regular concerts in the summer, as well as hosting ificant cultural, sporting, and ceremonial events. It is the finishing point for the annual Athens Classic Marathon, and during an Olympic Games year, the Olympic flame travels from Ancient Olympia throughout Greece, before finally arriving at the Panathenaic Stadium for the official hand-over ceremony to the new host country.

Impressive views of Mt. Lycabettus and the Acropolis by climbing to the top. Located in the district of Pangrati in central Athens, about a meter walk from the Temple of Olympian Zeus and about a 1km walk from Syntagma Square. Daily runs are held every morning from am to am. Located in the Plaka neighborhood, the Benizelos Mansion is the oldest surviving house in Athens, built between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Revoula was a philanthropist who built hospices, shelters and schools, and also fought for the freedom of Greek women enslaved into harems by the Ottomans. The Benizelos Mansion is open limited hours, entrance fee is by donation and goes to charity. The highest point in Athens with dramatic panoramic views out over the entire city. Located across Plaka and Syntagma Square from the Acropolis and shown here on the leftthe meter hilltop can be reached by foot or via a funicular tram that travels in a tunnel inside the hill.

This ancient site is an minute drive southeast of Athens. This day tour to the Temple of Poseidon includes hotel pick-up from central Athens. Visit markets, top restaurants, specialty shops, and trendy neighborhoods. Athens is loaded with great restaurantsbut for good cheap eats, nothing beats an authentic gyro from a local shop. Our favorites in central Athens include Kostas and O Thanasis.

The best restaurant in the Plaka area is Psarras Taverna. With a magical setting and great traditional Greek Athens fun guy looking, Psarras also known as The Old Tavern of Psaras has been around since — and for good reason.

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If you only eat at one spot in Athens, make it this one. Reservations are recommended for dinner. Lively and fun Brettos Bar is my favorite place to get a drink in Plaka. Go at sunset, but make a reservation in advance to secure a good table. La Greche in Syntagma is also really good. Dave Love your site If I am interested in the private Acropolis tour with skip the line, are entry tickets included? If not how do we get those? Yes, they are usually included in a private tour. I have read so much about Delphi and Meteora and would like to a tour so it is easy for us.

Which is the best tour you would recommend and should I just do Meteora or both and should I do day or overnight trips? I looked and saw many tours are either large group or private tours only. Are there any that has a small group-small bus kind? If I could only do one it would be the Meteora.

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Absolutely stunning! The Meteora tour I listed above is a private tour and very well done.

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Do you have another recommendation that tours good Greek food and restaurants in Athens? Taste of Athens also does a very good food tour of Athens. Try them. Hi Dave, We need your advice on how to go to Delphi from Kalambaka. My plan is to stay 1 night in Kalambaka and the next day we will visit Delphi and back to Athens. Getting from Kalambaka the Meteora to Delphi involves taking the bus via Trikala. The route is different depending on the day but takes between 5 and 7 hours.

The latest you can leave Kalambaka is 2pm. Is there a tour or event that we could see traditional Greek dancing and music in central Athens? This is a good tour for Greek dancing. Your blog is very helpful. Thank you. I have a question. I have a spare day in Athens after covering the Parthenon, Plaka, and area and I really want to visit Meteora. I know it seems like overkill for one day. The other two options are the tour to Delphi or the 3 islands tour Hydra, Poros, Aigina.

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Let me know what you would think about the one day trip to Meteora. Thanks again! The Meteora is awesome. If you have the interest then definitely bite the bullet and make it happen. Do you think I will have enough time to catch a metro going to Monastiraki?

Not sure how long the custom, and how far walking to buy a ticket and find metro. I believe the last metro train from the airport is at PM. Any tip and information is appreciated. Yes, you should have plenty of time. Just follow the s and buy ticket from the electronic kiosk. Then down the stairs to the train.

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If your plane is late and you do miss the last train then buses run 24 hours a day. Hi Dave, love your site! Interested in your recommendation to hire a tour guide at the gates of the Acropolis. Do you negotiate a price for the tour or is it a set price? Love your website! But is there any concern that things will be closed or extra busy at either location? Looks like a great itinerary. Milos will be quiet but still mostly open.

Athens and Santorini will be busy, but not crazy busy. Would you recommend doing a tour of the Acropolis or is that something we can do on our own? Is it easy to get around and see? I would recommend doing it with a small tour. As I say, they seem like the Athens fun guy looking experience, but with a guide and on your own — you might as well be visiting a different attraction.

I just found out that I am pregnant and I want to make sure I can eat the food for example: pregnant women can only eat cooked meat and milk products that are pasteurized. Do you know if most cheese over there is made of pasteurized milk? It would be a shame to not be able to eat cheese since it is one of the main ingredients in sall etc. I think the meat is well cooked not redbut not sure about hygiene.

Any information you have would be much appreciated.

Athens fun guy looking

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